Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Puppets Everywhere!

The Husband keeps picking up new puppets at thrift stores. They're very cute, yet highly worrisome. I already "DJ" from time to time for him; am I going to have to become a puppeteer as well?!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Upstaged by a Lousy Act

The Husband has compunctions about talking badly about other clowns badly, must be in his clown code of ethics or something. I, however, am free to complain as much as I want. After all, I'm only the Wife.
There's a clown in our area called "El Zapaton" (The Big Shoe). His act is only comedy, which I do not necessarily have a problem with. I do however, have a problem with a clown who entertains at a young child's baptism or birthday party and the fun is always had at the children's expense with many not-so-subtle innuendos mixed in. You can probably tell why I have a problem with this clown.
The strange thing is, he is wildly popular among the Hispanic community in our area. He does numerous shows a day, charges $120 an hour, and we've yet to hear of him being involved in any kind of charity clowning. So, while I'm the first to admit my extreme bias, I do not think this clown should be allowed to entertain children.
Last night, we went to a friend's daughter's birthday party. As usual, the Husband spent about an hour prepping his magic tricks to entertain the guest of honor. This is kind of expected of him now, people usually call in advance to see if he's bringing his "toolbox."
We go to the party and the Husband sets his stuff in his usual corner to wait until after people ate. One child even comes up to ask for a balloon, but the Husband suggests they wait and see how many people show up because the balloons take up a lot of space. In the meantime, lots of people do show up. In the back of my mind, I consider calling the fire marshall ( just out of curiosity) to find out what the capacity of the apartment is.
Suddenly, the birthday girl is ushered into her bedroom so she won't see her surprise (who's at the apartment door) pass through the living room on his way to set up in the basement. It's El Zapaton. Ouch. Good thing the Husband had run out of time to do his clown makeup and had settled for a magician outfit instead.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Meet the Apes!

This is Coco the Chimp.
Children love her because she has an extremely squeaky mouth and she has extremely animated conversations with her husband Bobo the Orangutan.  They are an extremely funny couple.  Coco is very serious, while Bobo is extremely light-hearted.  In a couple days, I'll post a picture of Bobo.  You will immediately be able to tell how much more relaxed he is than Coco just by his demeanor.

Interestingly, Bobo and Coco just celebrated a new addition to their family.  Since Bobo and Coco are different species, they adopted (for more information about chimps adopting other chimps, click here) a baby monkey.
While Baby Jojo is not an ape, she is being raised to be an ape, so I've decided that it is okay for us to continue referring to them as "The Apes."  I think the chupie (that's our household's word for a pacifier) makes Jojo particularly endearing.  The Husband has not shared his plans for Jojo in his act with me, but I think her mere appearance in his show will be very cute.
I think Jane Goodall would be proud of us for not using real apes and monkeys. :D