Saturday, May 5, 2012

2012 COAI Clown Convention Part 3

Remember the Mexican clowns in Part 1? They make and sell some pretty gorgeous clown costumes.
Speaking of which, I was awoken by The Husband at 2:00 am last Thursday. All the lights are blazing in the bedroom. The Husband has donned the new costume he's paid who-knows-how-much-for. "Do you like it?" he asks. Not even bothering to put on my glasses, I reply, "It's great" and pulled the blanket up over my head.
To be fair, he does look extremely cute in it and I'm excited for him to wear it to his next party but WOW. 2:00 in the morning? What's even more impressive was that he was out the door to go to his class at the community college about 6 hours later.