Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I know a LOT about clowns now. I know different types of balloon twists. I can even tell you about the different styles of makeup. But does the Husband even know J.K. Rowling's name? No! What is wrong with this man? He is not a reader; I get that. He didn't grow up learning to love to read like I did. He never has and probably never will read Harry Potter. I'm not asking him to. What I am asking is that he know as much about my obsessions as I know about his because when I text him with "J.K. Rowling ghostwrote something!", he should not have to call me up and have me explain (he is however, allowed to not understand the word "ghostwrote" considering English is not his first language).
However, the Harry Potter movies are what will keep us together. (Thank you Warner Brothers). Happiness is when despite your husband's lack of J.K. Rowling name recognition, he still knows what a Golden Snitch is when you show him a picture of one. (Does he know what it's called? No, but he knows what it is.)