Saturday, September 21, 2013


The school where I teach is an inner city school comprised of children whose families originally came from Mexico. As a shout out to the majority of our kids' heritage, the parent group at our school has a huge fundraiser in celebration of Mexican Independence Day. It's always a really fun event. Last year as well as this year my husband sold balloons (all proceeds going to the school of course!).  This year I kept all the tickets (see the picture below) so we could see exact numbers. He sold 142 balloons in under 2 hours!
Now let's hope all the people I had to turn away because the event was ending don't take it too hard. Let's also hope all the people I caught cutting in line and sent to the end also don't take it too hard. Clowning is a rough business and sometimes you need the Wife to stand up to overzealous customers. Now I'm off to make a "I'm the last person in line!" sign. (Although I've heard those don't always work. Sometimes people just keep handing it back to the next person to arrive at the line.)

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